Record Nerd!

August 4, 2009

Although this is technically my first post, let’s just move past that tiny little detail.

I want to plug my RecordNerd trade list.

As I am a poor, barely part time employed person, I can’t afford to just buy all the music I want. So, I’ve made up a list of all the complete albums in my possession as well as a list of albums I’ve checked out and would love to have in my possession. Please, take a gander, and if you see a potential trade, let me know!

Up next:
Why Portishead’s self-titled album is such an influential and important album in my life, as well as an important part of the electronic music movement. Stay tuned!


One comment

  1. Please come back to blip. I promise to never foist any muse off on you. I really like your taste in music and if I have to beg, well this is it. Please, please come back.

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